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Dubai Travel Tips

dubai-main-feature-_0Dubai is a shopping destination for stopover travelers who transit across the globe. The city is full of extravagance and fun. If you thought, Dubai was for the rich traveler, go ahead and explore how to make your trip budget-friendly. There are some favorite activities in Dubai that you should not miss and also save money in the process. Check CLC World free holiday for more information on how to plan a Dubai holiday. Also find tips at 9gag.com.

Like most world-class cities, Dubai is a high-class city, and many residents have found ways and means to make the most of their dirham. Discounts are everywhere, but you should know where exactly to look for. Groupon is one should destination to find some special discounts and deals. There are offers on resorts, hotels, restaurants and eat outs. Check out The Entertainers- it is a world-renowned magazine that offers special discounts on restaurants and sightseeing activities. There are buy one get one discounts and attractions available. Just pick a copy and make the most of it. Find them at the book store or book for an online version.

Cheap brunches are available all over the city. It is authentic and local. It could be great fun. People flock for the midday means especially on Fridays for some unlimited food and drinks. The brunch can cost a whopping 700AED, therefore finding the right deal become crucial for your pocket. More unlimited food and drink are available at Tenth Street for less. There are some more restaurants that can attract your attention like the Rock Bottom, Warehouse, Waxy O Conners and more.

Happy hours could help save a lot of money. The drinker can get a drink for just around 30 AED. The place is loaded with happy hours and some of the places to check include Guzzler app. Order pizza for lunch at the Debonairs located at the entrance of Burj Khalifa. The place offers pizza and lunch drink at best bargains. If you are looking for the traditional feel of Dubai, forget about the hotels, fancy souks, and malls and get into the cheap eats at the Aladdin. A meal here costs 20-30 AED.

The metro runs through the middle of the city and goes up to the Old Dubai. It is cheaper when compared to taking a taxi. For just 8AED you can reach Old Dubai, marina or the airport. If you are planning to visit other places, you can save time by taking a taxi near the metro.

There are some classy hotels in Dubai and these come at an affordable cost as well. You can find world renowned hotels chains at Dubai. You can use hotel points and redeem some for a good bargain. If you are not for redeeming points, then it is best to check out active Couchsurfing community. If you have friends there, it would be wise to contact them to find out on cheap rooms. One useful tip would be to forget about booze. It is very expensive, and it is advised to go with drinks and unlimited brunches.

Booking A Holiday – Deciding Between A Package Deal Or A DIY?

perfectvacationPacking your bags and leaving for a holiday is the one thing you’re waiting for. But you find booking flight or a hotel to be quite a bit of a challenge. There are a number of travel websites, tour operators, all offering deals and sometimes you can even end up not having one! What are the best times to avail one? Should you sign up for a package deal or a DIY trip?

Before you book anything, look up some hotels like for example clc world travel centre to get an idea about what deals and facilities you can expect. Travel websites that are elaborate on feedback from customers are very useful too. So do look them up. For example: Tripadvisor.com

A package deal is ideal for someone who wants to outsource flight, hotel bookings to a tour operator. Most packages also take care of connecting flights, commute within destinations and food preferences as well. It is hassle-free and if you have heard good things about a particular package deal from a friend, family member or colleague, just go for it. Packages work for short-term vacationing.

A good time to look for package deals would be to check well in advance – a year before is the best time to get good discounts. But you also stand a good chance to get a good deal if you book a week or fortnight in advance. This is because in this period you are filling in for vacant spots and tour operators are desperate to fill them up as much as they can. So they will try to accommodate as much as possible in a limited budget and are willing to cut down on their profit margins in doing so.

A packaged holiday is usually insured. In the UK for example there is the ATOL and ABTA protection for packages. This ensures that you get your money back in case hotels close down suddenly or flights are cancelled. You cannot assume that all packages are insured. You must ask if your package comes with insurance.

You can get cheap bargains when you check from multiple tour operators and look up on sites that offer comparisons between airlines and hotels. To avail one however, you would need to keep your dates flexible. Ice Lolly is an example of a site that offers you comparisons of 3 different airlines. Traditional packages from Thomas Cook, Virgin Holidays etc also offer you last-minute deals.

Booking off-season, when others cannot go, or during the last couple of weeks of summer is another good option. Also destinations that were famous once upon a time but no longer make it to the popular list can be quite a relief on your purse strings. They were probably the flavor of the season once upon a time but are not for some reason or the other. Check the reason; if it still makes a good holiday destination for you, it makes perfect sense to book it. You may be able to avail massive discounts from some of the biggest hotels, as most of their rooms lie vacant.

Now that there is some clarity, you might wonder when to throw in the towel and refuse to give in to temptation if the prices are soaring. That is quite an easy decision actually. For a holiday that lasts a couple of weeks, you shouldn’t end up paying for it all year round. Now that sets a clear benchmark for a perfect holiday!

Costa Del Sol- Scenic Beauty Which Is Not To Be Missed Out

crown-resorts-delta-marIt is divided into East and West, having Malaga in the center. The eastern Costa Del Sol is shorter than the west. The western Costa De Sol has a lot of curves and which circles around south Gibraltar. They have a lot of resorts to stay. When you go to this place you will not know in which country you are in as you have people coming from all over the world. It stretches around 150 km. The weather here is sunny so you don’t need heavy clothing to cover yourself.

If you have got impressed by Costa Del Sol and wish to visit for your next holiday you can plan for Club La Costa and can google search on Club La Costa review too.

Are you thinking whether others are traveling or it is just you who takes trips so often? You will be surprised on seeing the U.S Statistics for the year 2015, in the website-http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/outreachpages/outbound.general_information.outbound_overview.html. It shows a positive increase in the number of people taking short planned trips abroad.

The means of transport used here are buses and trains. You may think it is a modern holiday spot, but it surely comes as a surprise when we see that it doesn’t have wide roads. It’s an ancient place with boutique shops and cafeterias. The architecture looks marvelous. You can see it in the forms of museums and worshipping places so this place would be appropriate for visitors of any age.

West Costa Del Sol
This starts at the center (Malaga) and is highly crowded due to tourism and is a place which has a lively nightlife and clubs. It looks like a happening place always and people wish to stay here forever by owning a house. A part of this coast belongs to Cadiz Province, which is the southern part. The high-priced properties are situated in Sotogrande and Alcaidesa. Nowadays, recent developments in real estate are getting restricted due to population increase.

Malaga castle is one of the other must see the place in history as it has an overview of the city at its best. Even If you don’t have time to visit any other place in Costa Del Sol don’t miss this spot.

It extends for several kilometers to Malaga city east. Here there are several sharp-edged rocks and tall enough. The highlight of this place is Nerja Caves where music and dance festivals happen on an international level.

Costa Del Sol In Cadiz
This place is one of the most crowded places which has numerous resorts like Fuengirola which has high storeyed apartments and bustling beaches. Amidst the modernized town there are beautiful neighborhoods in Marbella and has Swedish restaurants and there is a high possibility of seeing celebrities.

To further drill down
· Estepona- Lengthy beaches
· Torremolinos- Lively night
· Ojen And Monda- Beautiful Villages
· Cueva De Nerja-Cave
· Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo – Caves and beaches

The drive from Malaga City is very scenic because of Axarquia mountains meeting the Mediterranean, which drops straight into the sea. Go there once and bring back experiences worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Finding The Best Accommodation In Costa Del Sol


Do you wish to spend your holiday in an exotic location? If yes, then you should seriously consider visiting Spain. This is a country, which has a wealthy historical background. One of the popular tourist region in Spain is Costa del Sol, which is a coastal region. From this region, you can enjoy the sandy beach, from where you can also see the magnificent view of Gibraltar. Costa del Sol is not just for those, who want to enjoy the sunshine. This place has plenty of things to offer for people of different ages.

The most striking aspect is the resorts offered by CLC World. To find out their advantages, you have to read the CLC World review. Tourism has created lots of job and business opportunities. Hotels, restaurants, tour operators and transport services have surged to a great extent with the tourism industry. Just have a look on this website to http://www.minetur.gob.es/turismo/en-US/Paginas/IndexTurismo.aspx to the impacts of tourism on various industries in Spain. Now let us provide tips for finding the ideal accommodation in Costa del Sol.

A good accommodation should provide a comfortable place for the occupant. When choosing an accommodation in Costa del Sol, you should look into many things. In addition to comfort, what you should deeply look is the location. The apartment or room that you stay should provide a good view of the place. You should also check other facilities like television, swimming pool, play area, etc. Choosing a location, which is near to restaurant, bars, and other centers could be highly advantageous.

You could be able to find the ideal accommodation option at Costa del Sol by browsing the Internet. You may be already aware of the fact that there are plenty of websites to provide information on hotels, apartments and other holiday accommodations at different parts of the country. You can check the availability of the accommodations from the websites of the property owner. You may even book the accommodation through online. Before selecting your accommodation option, you should plan the places you want to visit at Costa del Sol.

This would help you to easily choose the ideal accommodation. Budget is another important factor, which may greatly influence your decision of choosing an accommodation. You need to frame your budget before booking your accommodation. Many travelers, due to poor budget planning, have spent most of their money on accommodations and did not have much spend for sightseeing. Therefore, budget planning is very important. The facilities and amenities offered may vary from property to property.

Some hotels or resorts may offer facilities, which you may not actually want. You should never choose an accommodation just because it offers a big list of facilities. You should see what type of facilities they offer. If the websites do not offer enough information, then you can call the reception desks to get more information. Some hotels and resorts may even arrange car or transport from the airport.

By reading the hotels and resort reviews on the Internet, you would be able to find an ideal place for staying at Costa del Sol.