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Booking A Holiday – Deciding Between A Package Deal Or A DIY?

perfectvacationPacking your bags and leaving for a holiday is the one thing you’re waiting for. But you find booking flight or a hotel to be quite a bit of a challenge. There are a number of travel websites, tour operators, all offering deals and sometimes you can even end up not having one! What are the best times to avail one? Should you sign up for a package deal or a DIY trip?

Before you book anything, look up some hotels like for example clc world travel centre to get an idea about what deals and facilities you can expect. Travel websites that are elaborate on feedback from customers are very useful too. So do look them up. For example: Tripadvisor.com

A package deal is ideal for someone who wants to outsource flight, hotel bookings to a tour operator. Most packages also take care of connecting flights, commute within destinations and food preferences as well. It is hassle-free and if you have heard good things about a particular package deal from a friend, family member or colleague, just go for it. Packages work for short-term vacationing.

A good time to look for package deals would be to check well in advance – a year before is the best time to get good discounts. But you also stand a good chance to get a good deal if you book a week or fortnight in advance. This is because in this period you are filling in for vacant spots and tour operators are desperate to fill them up as much as they can. So they will try to accommodate as much as possible in a limited budget and are willing to cut down on their profit margins in doing so.

A packaged holiday is usually insured. In the UK for example there is the ATOL and ABTA protection for packages. This ensures that you get your money back in case hotels close down suddenly or flights are cancelled. You cannot assume that all packages are insured. You must ask if your package comes with insurance.

You can get cheap bargains when you check from multiple tour operators and look up on sites that offer comparisons between airlines and hotels. To avail one however, you would need to keep your dates flexible. Ice Lolly is an example of a site that offers you comparisons of 3 different airlines. Traditional packages from Thomas Cook, Virgin Holidays etc also offer you last-minute deals.

Booking off-season, when others cannot go, or during the last couple of weeks of summer is another good option. Also destinations that were famous once upon a time but no longer make it to the popular list can be quite a relief on your purse strings. They were probably the flavor of the season once upon a time but are not for some reason or the other. Check the reason; if it still makes a good holiday destination for you, it makes perfect sense to book it. You may be able to avail massive discounts from some of the biggest hotels, as most of their rooms lie vacant.

Now that there is some clarity, you might wonder when to throw in the towel and refuse to give in to temptation if the prices are soaring. That is quite an easy decision actually. For a holiday that lasts a couple of weeks, you shouldn’t end up paying for it all year round. Now that sets a clear benchmark for a perfect holiday!

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