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Costa Del Sol- Scenic Beauty Which Is Not To Be Missed Out

crown-resorts-delta-marIt is divided into East and West, having Malaga in the center. The eastern Costa Del Sol is shorter than the west. The western Costa De Sol has a lot of curves and which circles around south Gibraltar. They have a lot of resorts to stay. When you go to this place you will not know in which country you are in as you have people coming from all over the world. It stretches around 150 km. The weather here is sunny so you don’t need heavy clothing to cover yourself.

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The means of transport used here are buses and trains. You may think it is a modern holiday spot, but it surely comes as a surprise when we see that it doesn’t have wide roads. It’s an ancient place with boutique shops and cafeterias. The architecture looks marvelous. You can see it in the forms of museums and worshipping places so this place would be appropriate for visitors of any age.

West Costa Del Sol
This starts at the center (Malaga) and is highly crowded due to tourism and is a place which has a lively nightlife and clubs. It looks like a happening place always and people wish to stay here forever by owning a house. A part of this coast belongs to Cadiz Province, which is the southern part. The high-priced properties are situated in Sotogrande and Alcaidesa. Nowadays, recent developments in real estate are getting restricted due to population increase.

Malaga castle is one of the other must see the place in history as it has an overview of the city at its best. Even If you don’t have time to visit any other place in Costa Del Sol don’t miss this spot.

It extends for several kilometers to Malaga city east. Here there are several sharp-edged rocks and tall enough. The highlight of this place is Nerja Caves where music and dance festivals happen on an international level.

Costa Del Sol In Cadiz
This place is one of the most crowded places which has numerous resorts like Fuengirola which has high storeyed apartments and bustling beaches. Amidst the modernized town there are beautiful neighborhoods in Marbella and has Swedish restaurants and there is a high possibility of seeing celebrities.

To further drill down
· Estepona- Lengthy beaches
· Torremolinos- Lively night
· Ojen And Monda- Beautiful Villages
· Cueva De Nerja-Cave
· Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo – Caves and beaches

The drive from Malaga City is very scenic because of Axarquia mountains meeting the Mediterranean, which drops straight into the sea. Go there once and bring back experiences worth cherishing for a lifetime.

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