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Dubai Travel Tips

dubai-main-feature-_0Dubai is a shopping destination for stopover travelers who transit across the globe. The city is full of extravagance and fun. If you thought, Dubai was for the rich traveler, go ahead and explore how to make your trip budget-friendly. There are some favorite activities in Dubai that you should not miss and also save money in the process. Check CLC World free holiday for more information on how to plan a Dubai holiday. Also find tips at 9gag.com.

Like most world-class cities, Dubai is a high-class city, and many residents have found ways and means to make the most of their dirham. Discounts are everywhere, but you should know where exactly to look for. Groupon is one should destination to find some special discounts and deals. There are offers on resorts, hotels, restaurants and eat outs. Check out The Entertainers- it is a world-renowned magazine that offers special discounts on restaurants and sightseeing activities. There are buy one get one discounts and attractions available. Just pick a copy and make the most of it. Find them at the book store or book for an online version.

Cheap brunches are available all over the city. It is authentic and local. It could be great fun. People flock for the midday means especially on Fridays for some unlimited food and drinks. The brunch can cost a whopping 700AED, therefore finding the right deal become crucial for your pocket. More unlimited food and drink are available at Tenth Street for less. There are some more restaurants that can attract your attention like the Rock Bottom, Warehouse, Waxy O Conners and more.

Happy hours could help save a lot of money. The drinker can get a drink for just around 30 AED. The place is loaded with happy hours and some of the places to check include Guzzler app. Order pizza for lunch at the Debonairs located at the entrance of Burj Khalifa. The place offers pizza and lunch drink at best bargains. If you are looking for the traditional feel of Dubai, forget about the hotels, fancy souks, and malls and get into the cheap eats at the Aladdin. A meal here costs 20-30 AED.

The metro runs through the middle of the city and goes up to the Old Dubai. It is cheaper when compared to taking a taxi. For just 8AED you can reach Old Dubai, marina or the airport. If you are planning to visit other places, you can save time by taking a taxi near the metro.

There are some classy hotels in Dubai and these come at an affordable cost as well. You can find world renowned hotels chains at Dubai. You can use hotel points and redeem some for a good bargain. If you are not for redeeming points, then it is best to check out active Couchsurfing community. If you have friends there, it would be wise to contact them to find out on cheap rooms. One useful tip would be to forget about booze. It is very expensive, and it is advised to go with drinks and unlimited brunches.

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